Oto’s Planet


This interactive spatial tale immerses us in the peaceful life of Oto and Skippy on their planet, until it is disrupted by a spaceship crash.


Producers: Skill Lab, Dpt., Small Creative
Animation: Zeilt Productions
Music: Chapelier Fou
Sound: Mad Trix

Dive into the world of Oto and Skippy in virtual and mixed reality and experience the harmony of their everyday life, suddenly disrupted by the crash of a spaceship. Enter Exo, the entitled and irritable cosmonaut, whose arrival sparks a complex and challenging cohabitation. The narrative delves into profound themes of colonization, the dynamics between native populations and newcomers, and pressing environmental concerns.

Through its interactive storytelling, « Oto’s Planet » offers a thought-provoking exploration of coexistence and the impact of external forces on a delicate ecosystem.