A magical and interactive art installation born out of the collaboration between Dpt. and ceramicist artist Laurent Craste.


Concept, design: Dpt., Laurent Craste
Production: Dpt., Massivart

"We’d like to say magic, but since we don’t live in a Disney movie, the right answer is motion tracking and real-time 3D rendering."


Inside an imposing wooden cube, a suspended work lamp projects the shadows of two porcelain vases slumped on a pedestal. As soon as someone pushes the light, the shadows come to life as if by magic, moving to the rhythm of the swinging light. Much like shadow theatre, Parade presents the fantastic spectacle of the vase silhouettes which, in a tragicomic ballet, try to regain their original form, their past glory.

Presented at the Museum of the Moving Image (NY), Phi Center (Montreal), Cité de la Mode (Paris) and Chromatic Festival (Montreal).