Experience the world with the sensitivity of a person with autism by immersing yourself in Lou’s sensory universe in VR.


Producer: UNLTD
Directors: Martine Asselin, Annick Daigneault

Dive into the sensory world of autism with LOU. This immersive journey lets users experience the world as Lou, an autistic child, navigating through his unique sensory perceptions. Inspired by real-life stories of autistic individuals, Lou represents the diverse experiences within the autistic community.

Participants will see and hear from Lou’s perspective, dealing with various stimuli, engaging in social interactions, and handling everyday tasks in environments that can be noisy and overwhelming. This carefully crafted experience is based on stories from autistic individuals and has been developed with the direct involvement of autistic actors, creators, and advisors.

LOU offers a groundbreaking opportunity to understand the heightened sensory experiences commonly faced by individuals on the autism spectrum.