Romeo’s Gin V

ARBrand experience

Romeo’s Gin x FVCKRENDER: Blending art with augmented reality in an immersive sensory journey beyond the bottle.


Client: Duvernois / Romeo’s Gin

In an innovative collaboration with Montreal’s digital artist FVCKRENDER, Romeo’s Gin pushes the boundaries of what a spirit can embody with the launch of Romeo’s Gin V. This partnership transcends traditional liquor presentation, offering a groundbreaking augmented reality experience.

Moving beyond mere consumption, Romeo’s Gin V invites enthusiasts into a vivid sensory journey through the artistic world of FVCKRENDER, integrated directly within Romeo’s unique spirit brand. This total immersion into digital art transforms the way art is perceived and enjoyed, placing it unexpectedly in the hands of gin lovers.

The primary goal of this venture was to create buzz around the launch of Romeo’s Gin V. By scanning a QR code on the bottle, consumers could activate their phones to unveil FVCKRENDER’s digital universe around the bottle, seamlessly blending their immediate surroundings with the virtual art installation. Additionally, augmented select SAQ store windows featured AR to captivate passersby and draw them into the exclusive in-store experience.